Dresden Aloha

Linda Mikala's Residence

Linda Mikala’s Residence.
Miakala home
The group arrive at Linda’s residence which is a nice two story middle class house in west Waikiki.

After an initial conversation with Linda, the group find she is a normal teenage girl who has recently begun dabbling into what the mother calls the “goth” sub-culture. The mother does not approve of her boyfriend Akamu Kale and believes he may have been involved. She reveals he was questioned by police and let go.

Keoni’s cell phone has been turned off and after some prodding from Israel, the mother was convinced to check the cell phone call logs online, showing many calls to a number the night of her disappearance. Calling the number it turns out to be Akamu’s number but is answered as “KK”. After a few minutes they get Que-Killington to meet them at the Hideaway Bar in Waikiki to discuss Keoni’s disapearance further.

Back Alley Bruised

On an average Wednesday afternoon Israel finds himself suffering the abuse of the cities underworld. Walking the streets to meet some friends, he turns a corner to cut through a side street. Seeing his friends up ahead he hustles to join up with them, when suddenly he is pulled into the mouth of an alley by a gang of thugs dressed in red and green gang colors.

Before his friends can come to his aid, Israel is bruised and battered to within a few inches of unconsciousness, and perhaps his life. He assumes this is the result of yet another session of questioning by Honolulu’s finest, or maybe even Winchester PI, the private dick he often takes money from for information. Being known to inform on those from the streets from time to time has left Israel with a less then stellar underworld reputation.

Luckily his friends happen to be close enough to come to his rescue.

Dante uses some illusions to distract the 3 goons to believe the black and whites are inbound. Unfortunately, this does not seem to work for long but gives the rest of the group time to get in position. Using a slick maneuver off a low hanging fire escape from a neighboring building, ???? is able to pull the attention of one of the thugs to himself. Fish-biscuit, using the telekinesis he learned from the Dharma Initiative is able to throw a shield of protection on Israel long enough for him to catch his breath and get back in the fight.

With a few more distracting maneuvers from Dante using his ability to melt into the shadows, ?? and Fish Biscuit are able to put the last of the goons down in a neat pile. Fish-Biscuit uses a spirit blast of force energy to knock two out and ?? uses his Buddhist martial arts training to land a decisive blow to the stomach of the last.

Having dispatached the last of the foes, and noticing they seemed to not react as a normal gang banger would, the team is interrupted form their short rest after the fight by a long slow clap coming form the end of the alley way.

There standing in all his glory, is the great Winchester PI.
Magnum pi ferrari

Winchester explains that he was looking for Dante, who he heard was in this part of town, and followed the sounds of fighting to his assured location. He then requests Dante and the others speak with a friend of his Linda Mikala who needs some under the table help to find her daughter Keoni Mikalawho has gone missing. The local police believe her to be nothing but a runaway, but the mother believes otherwise.


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