Dresden Aloha

Linda Mikala's Residence

Linda Mikala’s Residence.
Miakala home
The group arrive at Linda’s residence which is a nice two story middle class house in west Waikiki.

After an initial conversation with Linda, the group find she is a normal teenage girl who has recently begun dabbling into what the mother calls the “goth” sub-culture. The mother does not approve of her boyfriend Akamu Kale and believes he may have been involved. She reveals he was questioned by police and let go.

Keoni’s cell phone has been turned off and after some prodding from Israel, the mother was convinced to check the cell phone call logs online, showing many calls to a number the night of her disappearance. Calling the number it turns out to be Akamu’s number but is answered as “KK”. After a few minutes they get Que-Killington to meet them at the Hideaway Bar in Waikiki to discuss Keoni’s disapearance further.


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